Tips to improve fuel economy, air filter

Better fuel economy, change the engine oil, oil filter, air filter

Tips to improve fuel economy, change the engine oil, oil filter, air filter.

You rarely think of it but the air filter keeps the dust, mud and other harmful things from going into the combustion chamber of the engine. If it performs its purpose well, it will clogg- think of it as a vacuum cleaner. When it cloggs , the engine works harder to suck in the air it needs. To compensate this, the injection system adds more fuel to keep the engine within optimal working parameters. Changing the air filter is a quick operation and it should not cost more than …., except when the air filter comes from a premium brand. Such a small amount of money for a 13 percent decrease in fuel consumption.

Even if you will not feel a significant improvement, at least you will make sure that the engine works perfectly. Make sure that the oil coresponds to the type indicated by the car maker. At Euro Auto Service you can check what kind of oil fits your car model.

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  1. You are totally wrong. The engine cannot tell they difference between a plugged filter or partly open throttle. Back when we had carburators, then it made a difference. Now you just lose some maximum power.

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